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Injecting innovation into Japan’s entertainment industry and exciting 7 billion people around the world.

Since its foundation, MOBCAST has been embracing changes of media industry, which always is used to move people's heart, as a chance and has been persuing to create value of contents in possibility of new medias such as smartphones.

MOBCAST GROUP is, and will be trying to deliver impress to more people in more various ways. We define our mission is to deliver great user experience that is full of surprises by most efficient means, without being stereotypes. By founding MOBCAST HOLDINGS, we will lead the era by maximizing all kinds of potential talents that can be connected to entertainment industry and delivering them to users, through optimizing medias, finances and business models.

mobcast CEO, Koki Yabu

Company President and CEO
Koki Yabu

Business Strategy

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Business Model

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strength of Mobcast
SCHEME for continuous growth
Optimizing business model that persues partners’ business domain and strategy
Successful track record of fund raising from the stock market, private investors, and other institutional institutions
Network with Entertainment & IT BUSINESS
Network on overall entertainment & IT industry built by cinema and game business


history of mobcasthistory of mobcast

Company Profile

Company name
Step Roppongi 4F, 6−8−10 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Koki Yabu
Date of establishment
March 26, 2004
¥2,421,686,000 (as of the end of December 2018)
Overview of business activities
Strategy planning for Group
Group management
Management support for Group companies
Investment and M&A, etc.