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”WISDOM OF FOOLS” Bringing Excite-tainment to the World

Are Humans “Fools”?


Even when we make painful mistakes, we eventually forget about them and end up repeating the same mistakes all over again. And when we set goals for ourselves, the action alone seems to satisfy us enough to never act on them. Then, eventually, we end up setting similar goals all over again. Humans are naturally forgetful and, if we are not careful, easily swayed by our surroundings. Mobcast’s goal is to bring excite-tainment to people all over the world. It is an extremely ambitious goal and not one that is easily achieved. In order to achieve a goal like this, “doing your best” just isn’t enough. We need a thoroughly structured plan. To do this, we must first acknowledge the fact that we are “fools.” Admitting that we are “fools” is the first step to creating the right environment in preparation for achieving the goal of “bringing excite-tainment to the world.”


Book Introduction

[ by Koki Yabu ] ”WISDOM OF FOOLS” Bringing Excite-tainment to the World
Mobcast has released such popular content as “Mobapro,” “Mobasoccer,” “Moba-Nobu,” and “18 (Eighteen).” Leading Mobcast is CEO Koki Yabu, who, at 42 years-old, has managed to have two companies listed. According to CEO Yabu, he is aware of the fact that he is a “fool” and this realization has allowed him to come up with various ways to work around it. What kind of company is Mobcast? What kind of individuals do they wish to recruit? And where do the ideas for their many popular games come from? The secrets of “Mobcast” are revealed for the first time within this book.
CHAPTER 1 Making My Way Through Life with a “WISDOM OF FOOLS”
Why my relationships are 0 or 100
There’s no fun in losing!
My life philosophy keywords are “pleasure,” “greed,” and “luck”
How I counter-intuitively learned to do walk-in sales
If you’re going to go all-in, do it when it counts
Keep your eyes on the prize or you’ll waver
COLUMN The Charm of the Man Called Yabu – Tomohito Ebine
Chapter 2 What Must Be Done to Achieve Our Goals
How I sold 3,000 mobile phones on the weekend
“System building” is what you need to make a sale
How my two listings were major turning points
If you’re going to bother doing it, aim for maximum effect
How to be successful in what you want to do
“Liking” a business isn’t enough to make it last
Game production must be assessed on a small scale
COLUMN The Future of the Gaming Industry – Tetsuya Mizuguchi
CHAPTER 3 Create an Environment That Will Bring Your Closer to Your Goal
The single reason I started this business
Those who succeed at being entrepreneurs and those who don’t
Determine your strengths and weaknesses
Keep asking others for advice
Job interviews are the lifeline of a company
How to make encounters last
COLUMN What is “Mobcast-ism”?
CHAPTER 4 Strengthen Your Organization with “Fool’s Wisdom Management”
The meaning behind the three employee clauses “knowledge”, “charity”, and “bravery”
Leveling the average makes a team stronger
Meetings and training camps without purpose or communication are a waste of time
How to make your company one that doesn’t require layoffs
Raising everyone’s motivation
CHAPTER 5 “Alarm Clock” Management Theory
The alarm clock that can automatically correct itself
How to think with your own head
“Factorize” everything
Find the answer by setting a larger goal
Mobcast history
CHAPTER 6 Let’s Talk About the Future of Mobcast
The future of smartphone games
What kind of individuals does Mobcast need?
Wanted: “future CEO”

代表取締役社長 CEO 藪 考樹 President & CEO Koki Yabu

Born 1970 in Tokyo. As co-founder and chief salesman at Bell-Park, he expanded the business, managing to have it listed in JASDAQ. In 2004, confirming the possibilities in a mobile content business, he founded Mobile Broadcasting K.K. (currently mobcast inc.). In June 2012 his company was listed on the Mothers market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, thus achieving the listing of his second company. His desire to bring excitement to the world through entertainment has not changed since founding the company. He continues to manage Mobcast.